Slate, silent underground, dry leaves close by are found;

bathed in total silence, the grape sweetens everything.

Like a child on their first day of school, heading shyly yet happily towards the blackboard, ARBELA has already taken its first steps. For here on, with a delicate calligraphy, full of nuance and meaning, it aims to further develop and promote its own unique personality.

Nestled between the coast and the hilly woodlands, the Aia vineyards enjoy unique geological and climate conditions: the perfect mix of proximity to the sea and precipitous mountain slopes. And it is this two-fold nature that makes our wine so special. Abundant downpours. The constant assault of the wind and waves. Fruit trees and their carpets of fallen leaves. Together, they offer the perfect blend of two very different worlds.

ARBELA Txakoli owes its name to the sloping layers of slate sediment so characteristic of the region (the word arbela means slate in Basque). Although vines in general fare best in clayey soils, slate gives Txakoli the counterpoint it needs, thereby ensuring an unbeatable balance with its mineral hints in the palate.

ARBELA forms part of the Getariako Txakolina designation of origin, and is much more than a wine to be enjoyed occasionally in a light-hearted festive atmosphere. It is a perfect accompaniment to meals, and best appreciated when sitting around a table: it is an intense wine, lively and pleasant, that stubbornly refuses to take itself too seriously. Although it is best paired with fish and seafood, it goes extremely well also with many other dishes besides and is guaranteed to delight even the most demanding palate.